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There is no mystery to mastering your next job application or interview.

Change how you compete for your next job

Mastery is specialist 1-1 support that can help you across the entire job application and selection process.

It’s powered by a unique 3-in-1 coaching approach and delivered by phone/Skype (or email). So you can get practical support on your draft documents and help with troubleshooting too.

What's 'Mastery'?

Mastery is learning new skills, strategies and techniques that will improve your performance and your chances.


A ‘working with you’ service means that YOU control your documents as you write and edit. I don’t do the writing for you, but I help you in more important ways.

My role as your Mastery Coach is to draw out new thinking and your strengths – and my style is pragmatic and outcomes focused. The result is a powerful 3-in-1 coaching approach:

  1. Professional counsel and guidance
  2. Practical review, feedback and support
  3. Problem solving and coaching techniques

It’s the brilliant combination of coaching, insightful critique and editorial support that will help you improve your performance and chances. Mastery works at any stage, from deciding which job to apply to, tailoring your CV or application, selling yourself with credibility, or negotiating yourself the best job offer.

You get better results with Mastery because with each session you learn and develop new job application skills, strategies and techniques. You can improve your performance and your employability in the following ways:

  • You work to transform yourself from an ‘average applicant’ to a desirable candidate that employers will take notice of
  • You focus on strengths and not weaknesses. You build the skills and confidence to outperform other applicants.
  • You troubleshoot your application or interview approach. You turn problems into a plan with actionable steps.

But Mastery is not a quick fix. Sessions are intensive, stimulating and thought provoking. You benefit most when you invest the time and effort to implement the plans or actions we agreed in the session. With your participation and an open mind and approach, you too can get results that will benefit you throughout your career.

If you’ve ever felt let down by your performance on job applications or interviews then you will benefit from Mastery. The Mastery approach will work for you, whether you are experienced, or just starting out – whatever industry you are in. Typically, clients want help with one or more of the following problems:
  • Managing a challenging career step First job, a big leap, a career change? Returning to work or sudden redundancy?
  • Managing a difficult application CV, cover letter or application? Planning competency answers or an interview
  • Struggling or feeling stuck Lacking experience or confidence? Been rejected (or worse, no responses)?

The power of 3-in-1 coaching

Mastery outperforms the main alternatives with a brilliant combination of guidance, editorial critique and coaching.


If you’re facing a challenging next career step, how well you prepare is your secret to success. It’s a stage that average applicants skip or rush.

Professional counsel and guidance shows you how to prepare and plan a winning strategy before you write a single word of a CV or application. Mastery will help you to:

  • Make bolder, smarter decisions to get the right job with the best rewards and career benefits
  • Anticipate why the employer might select or reject you by analysing the job advert and selection criteria
  • Find an edge over other candidates with a winning game plan by defining your fit, strengths and motivation for why you want the job
  • Take the guesswork out of what you should put in or leave out of your application and interview preparation
  • Plan what additional preparation you need (e.g. an audit of your skills and experience, and career history).

If you want professional counsel and guidance to help you prepare for applications or interviews, simply book a ‘Strategy’ Session.

Before our session, you will send me the job advert and any instructions from the employer (e.g. what documents are required and the deadline); I can then tailor the session to that application. If you have not selected a job to apply to, just send me a representative job advert.

When you need a new CV or application (or to update an old one), or to prepare for an interview, it can be hard to know how to tailor and target them. Most applicants don’t do this part well – but they also forget to show their fit and motivation for the role.

Practical review, insightful critique, feedback and support will demystify the job application and interview process and help you improve your performance.

On applications, Mastery will help you to:

  • Focus and tailor your story to highlight your strengths and value
  • Adapt your story for each new application
  • Craft compelling messages and present credible evidence
  • Decide what to include and what to leave out
  • Address career weaknesses and gaps
  • Improve your overall skills in CV writing, letter writing and/or application writing.

When you are preparing for an interview, Mastery will help you to:

  • Decide which messages and strengths to focus on and how to handle gaps or weaknesses
  • Decide what research you need to do
  • Rehearse interview questions and objection handling
  • Practice how to present yourself with confidence, clarity and credibility – and avoid empty sales speak and clichés
  • Try out and work on new skills, strategies and techniques
  • Focus on your value and negotiate effectively

If you want practical review, feedback and support to tailor and craft an application or interview, simply book a ‘Core Skills’ Session.

Before our session, you will send me your draft document to review (e.g. your CV). In our session, will give you feedback and plan what revisions you need to make. Or, if it is for an interview, send me the job advert and interview instructions along with the documents you submitted.

If you require additional support on subsequent draft stages or interviews, you can schedule a follow-on session.

If you are not getting interviews or job offers, then you need to troubleshoot what’s not working and turn problems into a plan with actionable steps.

You will benefit from problem solving and coaching techniques to get you back on track if you are stuck or not getting the results you expect from your current approach.

Problem solving will help you to:

  • Review how you are preparing for each application and/or interview
  • Check you following all the employer’s instructions
  • Ensure that you have convincing answers to the 4 key questions: Why this job? Why this company? Why you? Why now?
  • Ensure you are putting the right information in your CV/Cover letter/ application?
  • Ensure you doing sufficient research on the company
  • Identify anything else that is stopping you from being successful

If you want problem solving and coaching techniques to get back on track, simply book a ‘Barrier Buster’ Session.

Before our session, you will send me any feedback or documents that will help me understand your situation, so that I can tailor the session to your application.

How it works

To get started, get in touch to book your first 1-1 Mastery session. Mastery grows with your career goals as your skills and confidence develop.


You can choose from 3 session types:

Strategy: 1 x 75 min Session
Use this session if you are thinking about starting to apply for jobs.  Get help to prepare and plan a winning strategy before you write a single word. This is the single most important thing you can do to improve your chances.

Core Skills: 1 x 90 min Session (includes document review)
Use this session if you are about to start an application (or even if you are in the middle of one). Get help to demystify the job application and interview process and improve your performance. There is always something you can do to improve your chances.

Note that in a 90 minute session we typically review one document (e.g. CV or cover letter). We can work on more than one document in a session, but there will be less time to go into detail for each document.

Barrier Buster: 1 x 60 min Session –
Use this session if you are not getting the results you expect from your applications. Get help to get back on track and turn problems into an actionable plan. This is particularly useful if you’ve been doing applications by yourself but you are not getting interviews or job offers.

Your 1-1 Mastery session will normally take place by phone (but we can also arrange a Skype or face to face meeting in London), The exact content of each session will depend on your circumstances and situation. But all sessions start by agreeing your key challenges and what we will/won’t try to cover in the time available. And we finish with a brief summary of the learning points/actions.

A Strategy session might include:

  • How to prepare and plan a winning strategy
  • How to assess your situation and chances of an interview or job offer
  • How to think like as a ‘desirable candidate’ (e.g. job fit and motivation)
  • Steps you need to take (e.g. evidence, resources, research).

A Core skills session might include:

  • How to plan out a tailored and targeted application or interview preparation
  • Specific feedback on a draft document (e.g. CV, or interview preparation)
  • How to overcome gaps and weaknesses or create competencies.
  • How to improve your writing/ speaking skills and confidence

A Barrier buster session might include:

  • Review of feedback/results so far (including review of an application/interview prep)
  • Explore what is/isn’t working and why 
  • Explore potential barriers and what you can do about them 
  • Identify the actionable steps and prioritise what you need to do next

If phone (or Skype) sessions don’t suit you, you can request face to face (North/central London) sessions, or arrange for email based support. Let me know what works for you and I’ll do my best to accommodate you.

If you need longer term support, or additional editorial input, we can arrange a short (free) briefing session to discuss what support you need. For example:

  • Length and number of a package of sessions
  • Any extra services that you might need (such as interview prep)
  • Any preferences regarding the way you work (such as out of hours or face to face support)
  • Your likely timeline and availability so we can agree a flexible schedule.

Signs you need a touch of mastery

Clients often reach out for help because of a challenging career step, or a tricky application or tough interview; or because they are just feeling stuck.

If any of these concerns sound familiar – get in touch…..

I need a new job. How can I improve my chance of an interview/job offer?

How can I pick the right jobs to apply to?

Will my career history stop me taking my intended career step

I’m going to be competing against loads of other applicants. How can I stand out?

Help! I’m not applying for dream jobs because I think I don’t stand a chance.

Will my CV pass the 30-second scan test?

I haven’t done a CV for 10 years, where do I start?

Is my CV too long/short?

What do I put in my cover letter?

How do I address gaps/weaknesses on my CV?

How do I answer competency questions?

What interview questions should I prepare for?

How do I answer without clichés?

I’ve sent out 20+ applications – what am I doing wrong?

I thought this application was really good, why was I rejected?

I got some feedback about my interview. What can I do about it?

Why aren’t I getting interviews? Why aren’t I getting job offers?

Clients admit that working with me requires effort and motivation. You have to dig deep for the best examples and the evidence for a compelling story. But the rewards are that you crystallise your strengths and find ways to address weaknesses with a clarity, confidence and fluency that helps you stand out from the competition, both on paper and in person.
Katia Chrysostomou
Founder and Coach