About your coach, Katia

Katia Chrysostomou, Founder and Coach

Mastery is my dream job

Like many people, I’ve experienced the misery of job applications and interviews. Facing self-doubt, impossible hurdles, and being knocked back by rejection. Worrying about what to do next. Not knowing who or what to turn to.

But my own Mastery story starts from my experiences on the other side of the hiring table.

As a Performance Manager for an international agency, I regularly screened piles of CVs for interviews. One day, as I put yet another generic CV in the ‘NO’ pile, I had a light bulb moment. The person was being let down by their application skills. And it was affecting their employability. I wondered. Was this person destined to repeat these mistakes despite the sting of rejection? Could applicants learn to avoid the common pitfalls I’d seen on applications and at interviews? But how can you change your approach by yourself? The advice in books and blogs is so generic, with clichéd answers. And a nice ‘written for you’ CV can’t help you in the interview room.

But a bigger problem is that you rarely learn why you were rejected. So how do you fix what you don’t know about?

As a Performance Coach, I use tools and strategies to help clients develop new skills, improve performance and make goals achievable. And from my agency and publishing backgrounds, I had solid editorial and communications skills. I realised that I could combine my strengths and experiences to give applicants vital support and guidance. And to help clients improve their job application skills, performance and success. That day my idea for Mastery was born. Today I have MY dream job because I make a difference in this world. By equipping you to compete for the right job, you boost your employability. So you benefit your career and employers get the right people too. Seeing my clients succeed gives me immense satisfaction, and I look forward to helping you too. Katia

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