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Go for the juiciest roles. Tackle the trickiest applications. Convince the toughest interviewers.

Why Mastery?

Chasing a new job is intensely competitive. Employers decide your fate in seconds and you rarely get helpful feedback with a rejection. It can be a lonely and frustrating process.

If you are looking for ways to improve your chances, then you will benefit from specialist support and guidance. That’s what Mastery provides, with its intensive 1-1 sessions. With each Mastery Session, you work to develop the job application skills you need for your next career step. You won’t get that from a generic solution like ‘top tips & advice’ or a ‘written-for-you’ CV.

Improve your chances

With powerful coaching support, Mastery sessions help you take the right steps to improve your performance on applications and at interviews.

Book a Mastery session to learn how to compete for your dream job offer:

  • Identify and communicate your strengths and address your weaknesses
  • Present yourself as a desirable candidate on paper and in person
  • Go for the right job in the first place

Help when you need it

Mastery is a bespoke service, so you control how much support you need and when. And it’s never too late to start, whatever your situation, circumstances or confidence level.

Book a Mastery session the next time you need help with your career step:

  • First job, juicy role or career change. Return to work or redundancy
  • Tricky CV, cover letter, competency questions or application
  • Tough interview or assessment

Benefit from your first session

With each session, Mastery equips you with ’employability’ skills that will benefit you throughout your career – whatever your background or industry.

Book your first Mastery session to start building the skills you need to succeed:

  • Create a winning strategy before you write a single word of your CV
  • Improve your performance, even if you already working on an application or preparing for an interview
  • Get back on track if you are stuck or not getting results by yourself

Professional counsel & guidance

Learn how to get yourself an interview or job offer

Practical review & critique

Learn how to tailor and craft applications and interviews​

Problem solving & coaching

Learn what's not working and what you can do about it​

Let's get you started

No application or interview is too difficult. No career dream is too big. No barrier should hold you back. To take control of your next career step, book your Mastery session. It’s easy to do – see Services.

Or request a free, 20 minute, no-obligation Discovery Call to learn about Mastery. And tell me about your situation or challenge.
Or contact me with any questions or queries. 

I look forward to hearing from you. Katia

If you need urgent help, let me know it’s an ‘SOS’ request and provide as much information as you can. I will contact you to arrange Mastery Session as quickly as possible.